Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Update

First off, I want to apologize for not posting more. I really need to get better at posting more often. This summer has been going by sooo fast! I can hardly believe that it is almost August already!

In May, we had a busy month with big sister Rachael graduating from college and getting engaged in just a matter of days. And then about one week later, Chayah had surgery for her leg. It was broken before she came home so what they did with the surgery was rod the lower part of her right leg to straighten it out. She had a bright hot pink spika cast from around her hips and down her right leg.

June came and we celebrated Sarah LuLu's 5th Birthday! I can hardly believe that she is five already! Wow, how time flies! Her fifth birthday marked the day of her being our's exactly as long as she had been in China. Her gotcha day was her half birthday- December 11, 2006- the day she turned 2.5, so her 5th birthday- June 11, 2009- marked the day of her being our's for exactly 2.5 yrs. Also in June, Chayah had to go back in for an emergency surgery. The rod in her leg had slipped down and was about ready to come through her heel. A quick emergency surgery fixed it, the rod was attached in her knee somehow so it wouldn't slip again and she was re-casted (this time in a green cast).

Happy 5th Birthday Sarah Lu!!!

My girls :)

And then July! On July 16th, 2009- Miss Chayah was thrilled to finally be told that it was her "Happy Birthday!!"-- the day that she had anxiously been waiting for after having to go through celebrating birthdays for me, mommy, and Sarah before it was her turn. Her leg has continued without any more emergencies since June. She had a check and they took off the spika cast from around her hips- now she only has a cast on her right leg (purple- to match her flower girl dress for big sister Rachael's wedding) and has been instructed to walk with her walker to hopefully encourage the bone to start healing more. And there is also more big news from July! Big sister Rachael's wedding is fast approaching, and now another wedding is also coming up! Big sister Chrissy is getting married too!! So now, I will not only have one older brother, but two! Congrats Chrissy and Micah! We're really happy for you guys and love you both!

Chayah's "Happy Birthday"-- Dora Party-- Look who's SEVEN!! :)

Chayah with her walker-- She gets around SO well with it!

Micah and Chrissy-- Congrats again guys!!

Now, at the end of July, we are busily preparing for this Saturday, August 1st, which will be big sister Rachael's wedding day! Lots to do within the next few days.. :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Chayah!

Today is Chayah's 7th Birthday! She has been anxiously waiting for it and always asking since Sarah's Birthday when her birthday would be-- finally her birthday has come! :)