About Us

First off, my name is Staci. I'm 19 years old and the blog author. I was home schooled, graduated high school when I was 16, recently finished my Associates through a Community College, and am now working towards my Bachelors. My heart aches to be in China, or any other country that I have fallen in love with (namely anywhere with a need, specifically for orphan care). I feel God calling me into missions work and/or orphan care and I am very excited to see where He continues to lead me in that! Jesus is my life- it is in Him that I live and breathe each day! With each day, I want to strive to be more of Him and less of me.

 I am the middle daughter of five, and all five of us kids are girls! :) 

The main subjects of the blog, the ridiculously amazing little sisters: Sarah and Chayah. Both in first grade and doing oh so well! They are the funniest, sweetest, most amazing little girls I know and I am so blessed to be their "jie jie"-big sister!

Sarah is currently 6 years old. Home since she was 2.5 from Hebei province, China. Fiesty. Gorgeous. Strong-willed. Compassionate. A total Princess, but with some definite sporty-ness, too. Hilarious. And just all around amazing.

Chayah is 8 and came home not quite two years ago, also from Hebei province, China (in fact- the very same small orphanage as Sarah!! such an amazing God story!). Adorable. Always wanting to help others. Sweet. Extremely silly, silly little girl who makes everybody laugh.

 My parents

 Chrissy is the second oldest daughter/sister. She was married last year and now has one adorable puppy!

 Rachael is the oldest daughter/sister. She and her husband, David, have a very cute little yorkie/poodle puppy.

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