Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fun with Chayah

The other day I got to have Chayah for the afternoon for sister time. First, she got to ride in Yashi's (my) car for the very first time! We went to the store and she got to pick out a new barbie with a gift card that she got as a present. Next, we went to get a treat and then stopped by the video store to rent a dvd of Max and Ruby (Chayah's favorite show) before going back home. It was lots of fun to get to have a special day with Chayah! :)
In Yashi's car all ready to go!

At the store

Ice cream and french fries ;)
Chayah, Me, and Chrissy

Me and my little princess at the video store :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Love Without Boundaries

Love Without Boundaries is an organization that helps China's orphans. They have five main areas that they help through: medical, education, foster care, orphanage assistance, and healing homes. They do so much to help children, just like Sarah and Chayah. Be sure to check out their website and read up about what they're doing in China. It's awesome!! Oh, and they have some seriously adorable pictures of kids that they help up too (like the little one above- sooooo cute! im totally in love!)! :) There is a lot that each of us can do to support organizations like Love Without Boundaries, helping the children that are still in China, left as orphans. Visit their website at: