Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Chayah is such a funny girl! Last Saturday morning we were all getting ready for big sister Rachael's bridal shower. We had all told Chayah that we would be going to Rachael's shower and there would be friends there and it was going to be lots of fun. Then I walked into the living room where Chayah was lying on the couch. Chayah just looked at me in my dress and said, "Ughh.. where we goin?" I happily told her again, "To Rachael's shower and it's gonna be lots of fun! You need to get your dress on before we can go.." She got an extremely puzzled look on her face and asked just to clarify what she had heard me say, "We are goin to Rachael's shower??" And that's when I finally realized how some words are quite confusing- especially when you are six years old and just having spoke the language for six months. I then proceeded to explain that a bridal shower is like a big party for someone who is getting married. Hopefully that made a little bit more sense. Oh, Chayah, my silly girl, I love her so much! :)

She's Home

Chayah is back home and doing very well! She is getting back to her spunky self. :) My girl has done sooo well with all of the changes and is continuing to do awesome! When she came home, she proudly told me that she has "no more owies!!" and then showed me her new green cast which she is quite pleased with. Thank you everyone for your prayers! And please continue to pray for Chayah as she recovers from her second surgery. She's doing great!!

Chayah Update

Chayah had her surgery yesterday. She now has a green cast instead of her old pink one! She's doing well and we're praying that her leg will continue to heal so she can run and play with Sarah. :) I'll update when I know more.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Chayah's Getting Surgery Again..

Chayah had to go back to Shriners today for an emergency visit because the pain in her leg had gotten much worse to the point that she was just screaming. My parents took her over to see her doctors and they will be readmitting her to the hospital and it looks like she will be getting another surgery tomorrow. From what I understand, the rod that they put her in leg to straighten it out has slipped down to where they put it in thru her heel. Please pray for Chayah.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to Sarah Lu!

Today is my Sarah Lu Lu's Fifth Birthday!! Wow, I can hardly believe that she is five years old now! What a big girl!! :) Today, June 11, 2009, is the mark of Sarah being officially our's for half of her life too! Her gotcha day was December 11, 2006- the day she turned 2 1/2. I love you my beautiful mei mei, Sarah Evangeline LuHua! Happy Birthday to my big five year old!! :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tomorrow.. one little princess's special day.. ;)

Our Girls

Our Girls: sometimes they can be the best of friends.... other times.. well, they are sisters! ;) Here are some sweet moments.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Recovering at Home

Chayah is two and a half weeks post surgery and she feels much ,much better. Until a few days ago pain was a BIG issue. Any smiles we saw were only temporary pastes for pictures. As you can see both little girls are practicing their newly acquired nursing skills. Their patients never, ever complain! Yes, putting casts on dollies and giving meds and shots to any willing victim are the new fun thing at our house :)
On Friday, we travel back to Chicago for Chayah's next checkup and x-rays. We hope to find out that her bones are healing as they should. Her right lower leg bones are similar to that of someone with OI (brittle bone disease). The first doctor we saw after we came home from China suggested that we should amputate her leg at the knee to give her a better quality of life....we prayed, talked with other doctors and decided we had to at least attempt to save her leg -with the irreplaceable help of our Shriner's doctors. The struggle is not over yet- little Chayah has a long way (years!) to go. She has been so brave and patient- as long as we can keep her tummy filled with watermelon and strawberries! All the weight she gained in her first seven weeks home- six pounds- has almost all been lost since surgery. I shudder to think how thin she would be if she had not put on those pounds.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A brother at last..

Big sister, Rachael, is getting married! We are all so very excited about the upcoming wedding where I'll be one of the maids of honor (along with our other sister, Chrissy) and Sarah and Chayah will be the beautiful flower girls. And of course, with a group of five sisters, we're all pretty excited about getting a brother at last. :) Also, she just started a wedding planning blog-- check it out here. Congrats Rachael and David! Love you both!