Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sarah Starts School

Just a few weeks ago, Sarah Lu started Preschool at a Christian school near us. She goes three days a week for three hours each day. It is so cute to see her go off to school, carrying her backpack, and coming home with new things to show us! She loves it for the most part and is usually very excited to get to go to school and see her friends. The other day after picking her up, she said the funniest thing! We were asking her how her day was and what she did at school. Her answer was, "I would prefer it if we did not discuss me!" Yep, that's my sassy little sister!! My baby is growing up and going to school! (Chayah is not going to school as of now. She is 6 yrs old but she needs to have a grasp on english before going to school. She'll start in the fall.)

Showing us where she sits and her folder

Sarah's cubbyhole

Where she hangs up her coat..

And out in front of her school! :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

China Town

After Chayah's appointment at Shriners, we went to Chinatown for lunch. It was so much fun to be there with the girls (the last time I was there was while we were paperchasing for Sarah!). We enjoyed an excellent lunch and then walked around for a little while. Chayah was calling it "Xiao Zhongguo" (little China). She was very excited by it, but was pretty shy when anyone tried to talk to her in Mandarin. I have noticed that with everyone, whether they are speaking Mandarin or English, that she is shy. She smiles but then hides her face in my shoulder. She is still my girl a lot, but she is learning more and more, little by little, that I am just her jie jie and that mommy is her mommy! More and more she is going to mom, which is so awesome. :)