Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

At the beginning of June the girls graduated from Kindergarten. It was a very momentous occasion because you don't graduate every year. Sarah and Chayah are in the same class at the most AMAZING school! Their school really is fantastic, has the best teachers, awesome activities and trips that they've taken over the year, and best of all is an awesome Christian school where the girls come home singing Bible songs and reciting Bible verses. Oh, and both of my little sisters are geniuses. Did I mention that Sarah scored on the fourth grade level for math?! And got the best possible score for Bible?! Amazing. And Chayah is simply fantastic as well.. she does such a good job on everything that she does and I know she would have done excellently as well but she didn't have the same testing as she is still learning to read English. :)

Now introducing the graduating class of 2010..
Leading everyone in pledges


One of the features of their graduation was that they recited the alphabet with a Bible verse for each letter. Each child was assigned two verses to memorize and say by themselves and the rest of the verses they did as a class. They had been learning these verses each week since the beginning of the year. Sarah reciting her verses.. She had the "I" and "M" verses:
"If you ask anything in my name, I will do it." John 14:14
"My Son give me your heart." Proverbs 23:26

Chayah reciting her verses.. She had the "K" and "S" verses:
"Keep your tongue from evil." Psalm 34:13
"Seek the Lord while He may be found." Isaiah 55:6

Chayah, after receiving her diploma, with her amazing teacher and principal

Sarah, after receiving her diploma, with her amazing teacher and principal

The graduating Kindergarten class with their diplomas.. all ready for 1st grade!!

Our beautiful little graduates :)

Me and my Chay Chay

Chayah and Chrissy

Chayah with her favorite teacher's assistant :)

Me and my Sar Bear

Sarah and Mommy

Chrissy and Sarah

Sarah and her amazing teacher and teacher's assistant.. she LOVES them both! (as does Chayah)

I am so thankful that we are so blessed to have such an awesome school for the girls to go to. I love their school and the girls definitely love it too! :)
During graduation, their teacher gave each of the kids a Fruit of the Spirit award, presenting each child with the fruit she saw most in them over the past year. Sarah received the "Kindness" award and Chayah received the "Goodness" award. :)
At the end of graduation, the parents were given a book for their child (or two books in our case ;). The books are so beautiful..with pictures from the first day of school all through the end of the school year. Each of the trips that they've taken is highlighted with pictures and stories, as well as the special days they had over the year such as their Pilgrim and Indian feast for Thanksgiving with the Preschool class (the Kindergartners were the Pilgrims and the Preschoolers were the Indians), Pajama Rama Day (where they got to wear pajamas to school and meet the Spring Bunny..a REAL bunny that came to school for the day), and so many more. Each book also includes their artwork and little stories that they have written. The books are truly beautiful and such a treasure to be able to look back on this last year, their first full year of school and have it as such a wonderful memory filled and beautiful book. Their school just amazes me!! And I am so proud of my two little Kindergarten graduates.. they're growing up so fast!

Friday, June 11, 2010