Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pajama Rama Day

Who is the spring bunny and why does anyone wear their pj's to school? Well, you'd have to
be a kindergartener to know! Yesterday was the little girl's very first pajama day. Initially, they weren't too sure about the whole 'wear your pajamas around in public' thing was perhaps too good to be true. It is a well known fact that mom always says, "Girls, you have to get dressed before you can go outside!". After some convincing, they grabbed their pillows and a cuddly toy each and headed off to school
in all their pajama adorned beauty.
There they found fellow pj wearers all sporting the anxious, 'I hope mom didn't get this wrong look,' which quickly turned to multiple smiles of delight as they each saw bunny slippers, fuzzy bathrobes and fluffy pillows in the hands of their classmates.
The highlight of this wonderful day followed the children's tracking of mysterious bunny prints, first within their room, then to the first grade classroom, followed by the ...gasp...principal's office (oh, the awe)...then downstairs to the gymnasium and finally ...outside where they met the perpetrator of all this excitement; the Spring Bunny! The spring bunny was a real bunny they could pet and snuggle.
He "gave" them baskets of candy and goodies and was an affectionate receiver of the kindergarteners' attention. They were quick to learn that the "spring bunny" is not an easter bunny...and that Easter isn't about bunnies at all; In Sarah's words, "EEE...ster is about how 'da son of GOD (strong emphasis here) came alive again (new emphasis here) after he Died on the cwoss! It's NOT", says Sarah," about bunnies!"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sarah sews!

Sarah has been very interested in pioneer life lately. After having Mom read the Kirsten American Girl books to her and watching and reading Little House on the Prairie, she loves it all. Sarah and Chayah both have little pioneer dresses, but Sarah wears hers more often and loves to pretend to be "Mary" from Little House on the Prairie (even though she acts more like Laura, Sarah prefers to be the older sister ;). The other day she sewed for the very first time! And the little quilt is what she sewed- ALL BY HERSELF! She worked straight on it with deep concentration until it was done. She did such a great job on it, did she not? She made it as a blanket for her little deer stuffed animal that she loves. Such a grown up girl! Great job, Sarah Lu!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Sponsor Child

The other night I went to a Winter Jam concert. It was an awesome night- with the emphasis being on Holt International's sponsorship program for orphans. I was so excited when they started to talk about Holt and even though the bands were pretty awesome to hear, my favorite part of the night was when the speaker, Tony Nolan, came out on stage with his family and introduced his newly home little three year old daughter from China. By the time they had finished talking about it, I decided to start sponsoring a child. So, to introduce my sponsor child, this is Bo Yu. She is from China and is four years old. She is so adorable and I love her. I am very excited to get the opportunity to sponsor her and can't wait to get more info on her that is supposed to come within the next few weeks.Me and my friend, Becca, with our sponsor children :)